Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TCS IT Wiz 2014 Pune Prelims

Hi Friends here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz 2014 Pune Prelims Questions.We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Dhananjay Katkar  (Winner of TCS IT Wiz 2014 Pune) who provided us the questions.

1.Which pune based organization has its director as Vijay Bhatkar ?
2.Which L.A NBA team is owned by Steve Ballmer ?
Ans:Los Angeles Clippers
3.It was founded in 1996 by American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. The company was named after a  largest repository of knowledge in the ancient world and the potential of the Internet to become a similar store of knowledge.What is it ?
4.Which programming language developed by Guido Von Rossum ? [hint:It is named after a dangerous reptile]
5..Charles W. Hull has created something that gave him European Inventor Award in 2014 . What was his creation which is also called additive technology?
Ans:3D Printing
6.Hidden Reflex is a company that creates web browser which is specific to India. Which web browser is it  ?
7.Which company is known in India associated  with Tata's for many years whose headquarters is at Santo Park Tower , Tokyo ?
Ans:NTT Docomo
8.It is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.What is it ?
9.Which app has the feature 'Reply yo Unlock' ?
10.Who wrote the book 'TCS Story and Beyond' ?
Ans:S Ramadorai
11.Two people in Karnataka  moved on from IT sector to be part of social servicing field . One of them was CFO in an IT firm who failed in the Lok Sabha election from Bangalore Central . Which person ?
Ans:V Balakrishna
12.What was created by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah ?[hint:You may find it in vegetable market]
13.Old norse word meaning candle or tourch . It means 'lighting a fire' . What am i talking about ?
Ans:Amazon Kindle
14.With whom do you associate from the world  of gaming to  '' ?
Ans:Mark Pincus
15.It was started by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy as a project for one of Spiegel's classes at Stanford University, where Spiegel was a product design major. Beginning under the name Picaboo. what is it ?
16.Brad Stone is writing the biography of a famous tech personality . Who is it ?
Ans: Jeff Bezos
17.'Soccer Bite' is a Polish game which became viral in the last two months . It is based on which personality ?
Ans:Luis Suarez
18.Identify the personality
Ans:Ajay Bhatt
19.Identify the logo
20.Identify this app , it has been viral among women

Saturday, August 9, 2014

TCS IT Wiz 2014 Bangalore Prelims

1.Which famous tech giant's first Indian acquisition was Little Eye Labs, a Bangalore based company ?
2.Mike Muss named it after the sound made by sonar's which were used in naval warfare techniques ?
3.It was first named Green but the name had to be changed because of copyright issues . The creator then named it after his favorite type of coffee. What ?
4.Cheetah , Puma, Jaguar & Panther are all versions of what ?
Ans:Mac OS
5.What was launched by Apple as Local Integrated Software Architecture which was said to be named after Steve Job's daughter ?
6.Mime360 , WeRead , & Letsbuy are all acquisitions of ?
7.The company is headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop , Cupertino , California . Which company ?
8.It was a multiplayer shooting game with the characters being Bill 'Mad Dog' Rizer and Lance 'Scorpion' Bean .  Which game ?
9.Eric Ly and Allen Blue were the co-founders of which company which have another 3 famous co-founders ? [hint:Networking Giant]
10.Who was the American activist who created RSS at his age of 14 ?
Ans:Aaron Swartz
11.The Atlas, created by University of Manchester was the world's first what ?
12.Jyoti Basu, then the CM of West Bengal , called the Minister of Telecom, Sukh Ram, who was in Sanchar Bhavan ,Delhi at the time. This was the first instance of what in India ?
Ans:First cellphone call
13.Jawbone , Pebble, Neo and Fitbit are all types of what technology ?
14.This 244 year old publications has decided to stop publishing and go completely online . Which one ? [hint:A quizzer's favorite reference guide]
Ans:Encyclopedia Brittanica
15.What in this world was created in a research lab by Xialong Zhang ? [hint:Ma Huateng]
16.This book is about which company ?
17.Identify the game
Ans:World of Warcraft
18.Identify the person [hint:A famous designer]
Ans:Jonathan Ive
19.Founder of which company ?
Ans:Pinterest (Ben Silberman)
20.This is the old logo of what ?

Credits : Dork's Corner